Our Mission

As our name proclaims, the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum wants to recognize and celebrate our regional and local heritage and influences. Throughout the southeast many communities developed with a similar story of textile production.  We want to share that heritage by highlighting our own history.

The QUILT aspect of our mission creates a triangle: to preserve, to teach, and to recognize and celebrate current quilting trends.

The Museum strives to preserve the art and craft of quilting with museum quality archiving and conservation. Informative exhibits change quarterly. A research library provides over 2500 volumes currently as well as many periodicals.

The Museum teaches the art and craft of quilting in Beginners Classes, Intermediate, and Advanced Classes.  Every summer a Kids Camp teaches third grade and older children to sew and to quilt by using individual mentors for each student.  They learn to operate a sewing machine,  hand sew, cut patterns, designe, and quilt.

The third component of the triangle is to recognize and celebrate current trends in quilting. From exhibits on machine appliqué to art quilts to modern interpretations of old patterns, many exciting trends are happening in the world of quilting.

In TEXTILES we not only tell a history. We also feature current artists in our exhibits.

When you visit we trust you can see our path toward fulfilling this mission.


What We've Achieved

  • The Museum Library consists of over 2400 books about quilting and other fiber arts.
  • SQTM taught 30 children in the summer of 2018 through four Kids Quilting Camps.
  • The classroom contains eight sewing stations with sewing machines and kits for each.
  • SQTM owns 150 to 175 quilts.
  • The Museum consists of three display rooms; One for part of the permanent collection shown on a rotation basis, one for special rotation quilt exhibits, and one for textile stories.
  • The Gift Shop boasts many unique gifts. 
  • Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum was selected as the business of the month for June 2017 by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce.